How and Why to Accept Credit Cards With Your iPhone iPad iPod Touch or Android Device

As the world keeps changing everyday, with new technology coming out every few weeks, merchants now have the ability to accept credit cards via their phones or tablets, on the spot, from anywhere! This article will describe the steps regarding to how to start accepting credit cards using this technology and will evaluate GlobalPay, one of the leading companies in the field.

Convenience and Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards On-The-Go

Many businesses today are expanding and more and more companies begin to service their customers at home, as technology have changed dozens of fields are offering service at home. A few good examples include; computer technicians, physical therapists, carpet cleaning, locksmith, dry cleaning delivery, and mobile mechanic. if you are one of those merchants, or belong to another field that service their customers at home this article will show you how to start accepting credit card payments at your customer’s house.

Accepting credit cards has a lot of benefits for both the merchant and the customer,

Increase Sales – Studies have shown that businesses who accept credit cards see an increase of 50% – 70% in sales .
Build Trust – Studies have shown that merchants that display credit card logos as a form of payment you accept gives a sense of trust and loyalty to the customers, therefore chances are they will do business with you.
Increase Cash Flow – as your sales will increase so will your cash flow, you won’t have to be waiting for a check in the mail anymore as the credit card payments will be deposited to your bank account within 24 hours.
Get Impulsive Buyers – Credit cards holders typically buy more than non-card holders, studies say 250% more merchandise!
Convenience – more and more people carry less cash on them and use credit cards every day as it is much more convenient and secure for them. Many customers want to use their credit cards because of reward points or cash back they receive from their bank or credit card company. Customers are more likely to buy from a merchant that accept credit cards as a form of payment. Don’t lose a customer to one of your competitors for that reason.
So after explaining the benefits of accepting credit cards at the customer’s location, how to we start accepting credit cards as a form of payment? Many companies offer this unique service, some of them charge fees that are making it just not worth it for the merchant to accept credit cards. Others, such as GlobalPay built plans with low monthly cost and low discount rate for merchants that are on-the-go.

Find a company that specializes in the mobile payment inustry and get in contact with them. Usually they will request information such as Tax ID number or Social Security number (if you are a Sole-Proprietorship) and bank account information in order to get approved. From there on the company’s representative will direct you as to how to receive the credit card reader and beginning using the Apple / Android app.

GlobalPay – Get Paid Anywhere!

One of the leading companies in mobile payment solution is GlobalPay, they specialize in mobile credit card processing for merchants that are on-the-go. They are one of the few companies out there that offers a Bluetooth operated card reader that is very comfortable and safe to use. Their app is compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, phones and tablets. The company have built three plans that it offers its merchants, with charges ranging anywhere from 1.69%-2.39% starting at just $8.95 a month. A free card reader is given to each merchant, and no extra fees are charged (such as gateway fees or app fees).

The importance of fees in determining the best bookkeeper to choose

One of the biggest traps that small businesses face is how to balance the resume of their prospective bookkeepers and the cost. Major firms are very expensive, but provide a peace of mind that a smaller low-cost option may not provide. On the other hand, a more inexpensive option can free up capital to be invested in the business. It’s very easy to get a false sense of security from bookkeepers that have low fees compared to the industry, but they may not be a good fit and they may end up costing more in the end.

The most important feature in determining what makes for a good fit is how relevant and how much experience that bookkeepers nyc have. An inexpensive option may often be new to the industry and doing anything to build a client base. While that has its benefits, it can also be problematic because saving a small amount of money is not worth a tax audit, both financially and in the stress that it would cause and how that would negatively impact the business. A bookkeeper must be evaluated like anything else and everything must be viewed through an objective lens. One or two factors cannot be enough to start a relationship with bookkeepers or anyone else that will be interacted with on a daily basis.

Individuals starting a small business have a plan and tend to put all of their focus and energy into that. That kind of drive is what makes these businesses succeed, but overlooking seemingly small issues like bookkeepers can be disastrous. The point is that most individuals want to focus on their business and not on mundane issues such as taxes and financial prep. Too many people assume that bookkeepers are interchangeable. The same business would never feel that way about their suppliers or other close partners, but they feel bookkeepers are like cleaning ladies and that attitude can lead to major problems.

The biggest safeguard comes from finding a good reference from a bookkeeper nyc and their clients. That reference that comes from a company that does the same kind of work can be critical, even if it is a competitor. That said, even similar companies have different needs, let alone those in different verticals. Therefore, what works for the huge and very experienced company is unlikely to work for that brand new company. Bookkeepers can serve as a partner and provide a very valuable service to their clients, but as stated above, no two clients are the same and they can’t be directly compared.

How important are bookkeepers to the success or failure of a new business? A new business is unlikely to survive a tax audit their first year and bookkeepers that are properly vetted can avoid this. That can be the difference between success and failure. Even further, having competent representation can truly be the difference between a business that can keep its head above water and one that thrives. For that reason, having a good bookkeeper that has experience working with similar businesses is a necessity because there a lot of unique issues faced by new businesses that existing companies don’t always have to deal with.

What Matters and What Doesnt in the Fight to Find the Best New York Bookkeepers

What matters in finding the best New York bookkeepers can be hard to determine, largely because every business is different and each person is going to be looking for different aspects that make them comfortable. Still, one aspect that all industry analysts can all agree is that finding bookkeepers that have relevant experience is important. What is relevant experience? If the business is a start-up, it’s very important to find a firm that specializes in the unique needs that neophyte businesses have. If they have that kind of experience and they have experience in a given industry, this is doubly good news and that can be enough to find a pool to select from. But this isn’t the only thing because when dealing with startups, it’s critical that there’s mutual respect and good understanding because there’s likely to be involvement and potentially a mentoring relationship that will exist between the two parties.

The problem is that too many bookkeepers that are qualified to help start-ups end up only focusing on large corporations because they tend to be more lucrative. Start-ups won’t get the time and advice they need and the firm won’t see the account as profitable enough and it becomes a low priority and that benefits no one. Those accountants have good knowledge, but they may not have the time or customer service focus to properly work with someone just creating a start up.

In these situations, a person setting up their first business will have many more issues and require more guidance than a more experienced customer who only needs an accountant to balance books and file paperwork. But a qualified company that takes the time to work and grow with the start-up can be rewarded when that company succeeds and becomes much larger.

Aside from these abstract issues, there’s a cold hard fact that all New York businesses and New York bookkeepers need to be aware of: These start-ups tend to have a lot of tax issues early on from both state and local. For a new business who has spent the past year working 16 hour days and 7 day weeks, the prospect of an audit is enough to cause a mental breakdown and this is where a good New York bookkeeper can avoid these problems and allow the entrepreneur to really focus on their major concerns. But the problem is that many accountants have differing specialties and picking one that may not have enough start-up experience or enough within a vertical and that is a recipe for disaster, be it early on or down the road.

Even among these experienced accountants, separating the ones that will save money from those that will end up costing a lot of money because of mistakes, is not easy. It can be extremely difficult to find the right experience and the right bedside manner. Not only does a prospective client need to ask the New York bookkeeper a lot of questions, but they need to ask themselves a lot of questions and rely on how much experience they have and how much help they think they’ll need.